March 26, 2018

BTS: Just Out Of Frame

Client: Casio Music Gear
GM of Marketing: Mike Martin



Having just celebrated our one year anniversary of moving into The Tannery Studios, I figured I would throw it back to March of 2017 to the first shoot I did in studio B. This goes back to before work even began on the space.  Mike came by after work one night to see the studio; we toured through, sipping Coors Lights as I told him all about our plans for the space.  He saw our vision and gave mention to possibly doing a shoot at some point.  It was only a week or two later that Mike called saying he needed an instrument photographed and he wanted it to happen at The Tannery.

I immediately balked because things weren’t quite “ready”. I like things to be as close to perfect as possible before letting others into experience them (it’s a blessing and a curse).  The thought of doing a shoot in an unfinished studio was unfathomable. The room was a hodgepodge of random furniture and construction materials, hell, we didn’t even have heat at that point. But if Mike was up for the adventure so was I – as long as the frame looked good that’s all that mattered.  And it’s not like the client was going to pass any judgement, it was his idea!

Setting The Scene:

Studio B gets classic afternoon sun and shadows spilling onto the hardwood floors from the southern facing windows. I let the sunlight do it’s thing and then peppered in some lighting.   There was a Profoto B1 inside of a 75″ Elinchrom Indirect Litemotiv Octa positioned left of camera. There was another bare bulb Profoto B1 bouncing off the wall about 12 feet up and to the right of the camera providing a general lift in the room’s ambient light.  We wrangled up a rug, a couple small tables, and some clippings from the bushes outside to make the space feel more lived in.  The couch is strategically positioned to hide the ugly, old, broken pellet stove that, at the time, resided in the corner of the room.  The shot is clean and simple and required little post production; removal of a stray outlet on the wall and we colored the trim on the left window to match the right.  Below are a couple of pull backs from the shoot.

The scene prior to lighting – Mike hard at work.


First test shot with the main light in place.

Needless to say it all worked out and 7 months later when the Costco Holiday Savings Booklet showed up in the mail, there on page 7, between the Lithium Jump Starter Kit and the Heated Throw Blanket was the shot!

Stay tuned for next year when I reveal this year’s shot which I just did last week. You follow?


Tech Notes:





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