May 21, 2018

Shoot It Wide…

Client: William Paterson University
Agency: Fuseideas, LLC
Art Director: Matt Kiley
Hair & Makeup: Sara Hayton



When the team at Fuseideas reached out about shooting a campaign for William Paterson University, they were concise and direct about what they wanted and how they wanted it done. They sent me a short yet thorough brief containing shot lists, mood boards and proposed treatments for final delivery. Now, I’m a sucker for information and the Fuseideas team’s prep work gave me a great head start on the shoot.  A couple of weeks later I scouted locations and we discussed what would work best to maximize our time on site and produce the best possible images for the campaign, which was to include but not be limited to digital ads, website headers, brochures, mailers, transit and billboard ads (both vertical and horizontal). It was a lengthy list with a massive variety of output ratios, but that seems to be the norm these days.

 So how do you get “The Shot” and then make sure that it will fit into any one of the aforementioned ad sizes?  Well for starters, you shoot it wide. Really wide. And you shoot it with a big-ass sensor and a lot of megapixels to guarantee you’ll have enough data to crop and manipulate the final image without losing sharpness.  Perhaps even more challenging, you need to really wrap your head around the idea that your composition and the action that you’re directing is floating inside a ton of negative space.  It’s not going to look “right” until it gets cropped down. To help with envisioning the end results we shot tethered into a laptop which allowed us to mark and rate images as well as crop different aspect ratios.

Lastly and most importantly is to surround yourself with a great team. We shot upwards of 15 setups over the course of 2 days at various locations both on and off campus A feat that could not have been accomplished without an exceptional team; in this case Sara Hayton, Ash Patino, The Fuseideas’ team and everyone at William Paterson.

I won’t bore you with the wide originals but here’s a glimpse at a handful of finals they’ve run online.


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