July 17, 2018

Stranger In A Strange Land: My First Runway

Designers: Parke & Ronen / Nick Graham


Fawn Says To Me:

“You should come, it’ll be good for you… you’ll meet some people, see something different and get some awesome pics… but only if you want to…”

“Only if you want to.” It seemed like a challenge, something I’d be cowardly to turn down. And so it was that I agreed to shoot a couple of shows at Men’s Fashion Week in New York.

Having never attended a fashion show, let alone a backstage, I was unsure of every aspect of this shoot.  It was terra incognita:  no client, no brief. I would simply be shooting for myself.

The goal was to stay portable.  I settled on two bodies and two lenses and would just make the best of what I had (see gear list below).  I managed to shoot backstage at the Parke & Ronen show at Industria before heading over to the Cadillac House to grab a little backstage and shoot the runway at Nick Graham’s show.  The following is a smattering of the images from that day.

Parke & Ronen:

Nick Graham:

Many, many thanks to Fawn & Marina for the opportunity.


Tech Notes:


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